Industry standards set up by the CRAs are in their book entitled the Credit Reporting Resource Guide (“CRRG”). This book is the bible in the credit industry. In that book, you will find all of the credit reporting standards required of furnishers. The CRRG is a very closely guarded secret in the industry. You cannot buy one unless you are a furnisher. We managed to get their 2011 version and working hard to get an updated one.

Credit Resources and what credit bureaus creditor’s use when pulling credit. Become A member Identity Theft Victim’s Complaint and Affidavit – To be used for the

Freezing to stop public records and other things is not as effective anymore without the proper tactics because many are using Pacer to obtain this information. But there are opportunities to slow down this process with tactics in freezing your information. If Lexis Nexis is already reporting, it really won’t help to freeze as much but you employ a tactic to possibly slow the verification or make it difficult to verify. Our phone coaching team has a strategy to assist in optimizing this process. It will require a 30-minute coaching session. The key point is to challenge every name, address and other variation currently being reported and follow with a notarized affirmation statement or affidavit for each variation and sent to all subjects. It can be tedious but time-consuming but effective. Here are all the freeze sources.

his is how collection agency and most get their information. (get coaching for advanced techniques of freezing this source) Sage is formerly ID Analytics but they still have different URLs and addresses. It is a great ideal to challenge them both. Suppression of Information from ID Analytics also this is how collection agency and most get their information. (get coaching for advanced techniques of freezing this source) 15253 Avenue of Science San Diego, CA 92128info@idanalytics.comTel: 858.312.6200Toll Free: 866.248.7344Fax: 858.451.9051

Check with your Bank. Many will notarize a letter FREE if you have an account with them. We know that Bank of American and Chase will do and many more. Keep in mind that they can only notarize letters that you are sending and not your client unless they are present with you.

Difference between Foreclosure and Short Sale

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