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Get The Seals That Stands For: Excellence, Ethical and Compliant!

Start A Credit Score Improvement Business Training and Board Certified Credentials!
No Previous Experience Necessary and We Provide On-Going Support!

  • Get a real respectable certification from a national trade organization and obtain the compliance information necessary to operate.
  • You will be part of an elite trade association with the mission of producing trained and ethical credit consultants that will do no harm to the public and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Yes, you will learn how to solve credit issues with our How To Start A Credit Business Training Course and our ongoing support system. Our helpdesk will provide all the tactical information needed to help you learn how to start a credit repair business or take your current credit score improvement business to the next level!
  • You will learn all about FICO and other scoring systems and become a Fico and credit specialist.
  • Add Credit Services to your Practice, Real Estate, Mortgage Brokers, or Professional business.
  • Yes, our certification is good in ALL 50 States.
  • How long is the training? This is a self-paced program and you can finish as fast as you like, it depends on how much time you have.
  • Are there any Perquisites or Requirements to becoming Certified? Yes, just being an ethical person and get in compliance.
  • Yes, we will keep you abreast of changes and pending changes within the Credit Industry
  • YES, our training is top of the line and you Do NOT NEED to pay any additional fees or thousands. This is why we list our prices.
  • Why are we less expensive? We are a trade association. We are NOT a software company disguised as a credit repair school or training company. This way you get complete credit services training and the necessary compliance information to operate,  not more information on how to use the software. 
  • We will provide you with all the documentation required and step-by-step instructions. Our program is Self-Paced.
  • You will have access to our credit helpdesk to solve tough ongoing credit issues with advanced techniques
  • You will be part of an elite group of ethical credit professionals with a standard of excellence.
  • You will gain instant creditability by becoming Board Certified with our organization.
  • You will be qualified to run a successful and rewarding Credit Repair Business.
  • Yes, you will be helping others including families to get into homes and cars with your knowledge.
  • You will plead to do NO harm to the public by providing tangible services for any funds received.
  • Our motto is to teach the credit process and make sure our members do NO harm to the public.

WHY PAY Thousands for High-Quality Credit Repair Training or Credit Score Training? You can start a credit repair business now, and add credit services to your current practice or business. We've trained, attorneys, mortgages brokers, real estate agents, tax professionals, and others since 1986 with our regularly updated materials. No Training is better! Our certification is real, respectable, and accepted by states that require one to be certificated to operate. Others are only retail certification by software companies!

Become A Board Certified Credit Consultant

You Will Be A Credit Specialist In Improving Scores!!!

Millions of Americans are suffering from credit issues every day. They need your help NOW! Be a credit repair specialist.  

Why start a credit score improvement business? Take a look at this 60 minutes video. You will discover the massive issues consumers face. Although it shows how difficult the process was for the people in this story, things have changed for those trained in the credit score improvement process in fixing errors. This is what we teach here at CCA.

In addition to why this business, since the economic crisis, many have faced credit issues like never before making this a booming industry. Additionally, as shown in the video, most jobs will perform a credit check prior to hiring. Therefore, good credit is needed like never before. Opportunity is knocking at your door because millions will seek help in getting their credit back on track. You can obtain the credentials to start a Credit Score Optimization service today at a very low start-up cost, and earn a great living while operating directly from your kitchen table!

In this current job market climate, many are searching the Internet for the right Business Opportunity; starting a credit score improvement business as well as offering credit information seems like a great choice, isn’t it? Can you really help consumers? Can you legally improve credit scores and credit reports? Also, you may have discovered during your personal research that there is some negative information circulating regarding this industry. The question I’m sure you want to know: Is it true? 

By completing our certification program, how to start a credit score improvement business training course, and being a member of our Trade Association, you will have the credentials you need. You will also have the public confidence to provide solid Credit Score optimization services with a standard of excellence.

Yes, it is technically true that no one can legally remove accurate and timely information from your credit report. But let’s be honest, this is not the total truth. There are legal techniques available and consultants can easily earn an extra $1000-$2000 per month part-time or $6,000 to $25,000 per month full-time helping consumers with proven strategies to increasing their credit score. Mortgage brokers and real estate agents resolve credit issues with their clients every day but many are not getting paid for this service. This is why many have received their certification from our organization. They did not have to pay thousands just to learn this business.  

With millions of consumers facing credit problems, they are told to “do it yourself” or go to free sources for help. Well, consumers are going to these FREE sources and are often given bad advice or they still do not understand how to solve credit issues on their own.


It is our mission at CCA to self-regulate and help consumers find honest credit score improvement consultants that will do no harm to consumers and assist them in reaching their credit goals. They will get a consultant that is credit score conscious and NOT just simply writing letters because they see negative trade-lines! 

When consumers need a fast approach to navigating the system and solving credit problems, a board-certified credit consultant (BCCC) and Certified Credit Score Consultant (CSCC) will be the answer. You will find honest BCCC and (CSCC) professionals right here, so look no further. Our trade association has strong ethical requirements and a consumer-conscious policy. Our members will not cheat, lie, or mislead the public. Our goal is to help consumers navigate the system. Yes, they will receive an honest fee for honest work but they will NOT take your money and run or mislead you. Simply put, they will tell you the TRUTH! We have a complaint center available for those who violate our rules.

We believe that it is absolutely necessary that consumers are made explicitly aware that most credit problem information is FREE and readily available. Also, there is nothing that a credit repair firm can do that they can’t do themselves with the proper knowledge. However, just like any subject matter, there is a learning curve, and many need assistance right NOW. No one should have a problem with a consumer willing to pay for clarity and a better way to navigate the system. This is what any good consultant will do in any industry.

There is an explosion of business right now and to reap its rewards, you need to jump on board. Get amazing credit repair training and With the BCCC combined with a CSCC designation, you will have the credentials and knowledge to help others and earn a great living by providing top-of-the-line credit services as a Board Certified Credit Consultant.

Our comprehensive self-study on how to start a credit repair business training materials will prepare you for the certification test and teach you how to run a successful credit score improvement business from A to Z, even if you are a beginner. You don’t need credit repair software to get started right now. Yes, credit software is great but only if you are trained in the business first. Several credit repair companies run their employees through our certification process to make sure they are trained.

If you want to learn how to set up your business, deal with clients, keep up with current laws, learn all the necessary credit strategies and perform the job like an expert–this is what we offer. Get the seal that stands for the 3 E’s “excellence, ethical and expert” by clicking below 

Outdated Warnings: There are some consumer groups stating facts about credit repair companies that are simply OUTDATED by over 10 years!!! There ARE legitimate credit firms and you see them advertising on TV and on social media. These consumer groups make claims about these companies using PayPal as an indicator of not being legitimate and for consumers to beware of them. Our response is that since PayPal has become the go-to merchant for major corporations, merchants, and even airlines, it is extremely outdated to suggest otherwise. Therefore, if a credit score improvement firm is using PayPal, they are doing so because it is a sound business practice to protect customer’s financial information as other major companies have discovered. Why the warnings? Many are backed and financed by credit bureaus and lending institutions and it is advantageous for them to make those claims. Credit services are very much needed and you should take advantage of the opportunity to get involved and ignore negative noise.


Written Success Stories

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"To be honest, I don't like to play games. I needed to have solid information on how to start a credit repair business and the credit repair process and Credit Consultant Association was a slammed dunk!! I'm a real estate investor and many of the people I see have tremendous credit issues. I felt and said to myself, 'What do I have to lose' and purchased the digital program and printed the material at FedxOffice. Well, it was everything I needed to turn those credit-challenged clients into paying customers. It works and this organization has all the information you need to get the job done and their helpdesk keeps you abreast of all pending changes to the industry. You won't need anything else but maybe more managing tools such as a contacts database software program or simply a file cabinet for clients will work. You just need to know when to follow-up with the credit bureaus and your clients again. That's really all you need and I use my smartphone most of the time for this. Ok, I'm more frugal than most but it's really all that you need if you don't have the funds to invest in a software program. You do not have to pay more to learn the credit repair process very well. You will learn everything with CCA, I promise, and will NOT be sorry. The website they offer is awesome too and I purchased this later and was happy with it. Hey, it's nice to help families get into homes. - Martin
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"I consider myself thorough and cautious. Having an MBA and a law degree gives me a little perspective on the process and structure of information. I love CCA's program. It provides anyone who's interested in becoming a credit consultant the exact process, forms, letters, knowledge, credentials, and simply all that is needed without investing tons of cash. The quality and value of the information are second to none in my opinion; the helpdesk is amazing and is the missing link to advancing in this business too. We added a specialized credit service to our company and paid a lot with another organization, but something was missing. We were not as confident in our knowledge of the process but knew the software well. I realized that basically we were only paying to learn how to use a software program but not provided the total insights truly needed on credit improvement to be as effective. I avoided CCA because the others were much higher and I felt maybe they were better. After completion, I realized that it was a mistake to think about this and took a second look at CCA. Just know that they are higher in price because of the cost of the software, not the credit repair information or training. The software was good but I needed to understand the process better and CCA was complete and the helpdesk was simply amazing. We could have saved thousands but glad we got on board when we did. We send our team members here to learn the process too. Take my advice and learn the credit repair process first, then get the software of your choice second and not the other way around. Jim of CCA tried to share this with me last year before I made that other purchase, but I chose that software package anyway. I would have chosen differently knowing what I know now. I hope this review helps someone to choose CCA for the credit repair process and training first and buy a software program of your choice second. Thanks,o.
CCA. - Rachel
CCA. - Rachel
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"I searched the internet for a credit repair training program and there are many. I purchased as many as 3 of them paying over $3,500 and did not feel comfortable with my knowledge especially when I left until I got this program and the helpdesk included. It is simply fantastic and the price is really a steal for all the tactical information received. It was worth much, much more. Thank God they are a non-profit company not selling anything else but credentials and training making sure that members are trained and doing no harm to the public. I am extremely happy
CCA." - J. Morrow Esq
CCA." - J. Morrow Esq
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ATTORNEY'S TESTIMONY: I recently passed Illinois's bar examination in late 2014 and was looking to add credit repair to my practice. Contrary to what some may think, attorneys, don't come out of law school as competent in processes and systems as some believe. Therefore, I googled Credit Repair Training for the right training solution for me. I landed on one that offered one-on-one phone training and software. I felt this was the approach for me and signed up. To be honest, I felt the trainer was not as competent as I desired and it was NOT thorough. I felt it was a waste of my time and money. Therefore, when I looked at CCA training, I was adamant about what I would be receiving and the training. I was convinced by Chris and I signed up. I already had a client and went directly to the helpdesk prior to reading the manual. Let me share that this was the most effective and informative system I've seen. It answered all of my questions and I was able to raise my client's score to over 50 points right away. Take it from me; CCA's training is really the only approach to take if you want complete process at an amazing price. Also, leave these software companies training solutions to just software. Get the training elsewhere like CCA. Thanks, CCA."
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I did a google search: start a credit repair business? and got the site and they recommended your company. I am so happy that I found that site because CCA has taken my credit repair knowledge to the next level.
M. Gonzalez
M. Gonzalez
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My business partner paid thousands to become a certified credit consultant to start our business but we couldn't afford to send me and the team yet. But when he finished, mostly what he learned was how to use their software program that they were selling. This is the actual reason their prices were much more. Yes, he learned some good techniques but we kept getting letters from the Credit Bureau for being frivolous with our clients. I searched the internet and found you guys and learned how to be extremely effective and was taught solid credit repair techniques and strategies only. He is now using the material and will take your test too. The helpdesk has helped us so much. I only paid $299 on one of your specials and was totally satisfied. Now we can afford to train all of our people. To anyone reading this, get the training of how to repair credit FIRST and buy the software if you need it later. Thanks, CCA."o.
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"Your team is awesome. I wish I had found you guys before paying $5,700 for another training that does not even come close to what you offer." -
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"When you search the internet, you will find lots of companies offering credit repair training with testimonies. I'm not criticizing any other training program out there. My husband attended a seminar last year on credit repair and he said it was pretty exciting and good. He came back motivated because we wanted to be the best in the business. But strangely, I noticed that he came back sharing that we needed to purchase additional resources to be more professional and effective at the event: He told me that we need a special CRM program, affiliates among other things. Some of the sources were ok. Well, my sister joined the team this year in 2014 and decided to look at The Credit Consultants Association program for her training. That's when we both realized that we did not need all of the sources at the seminar to get results. Actually, we used CCA's advanced techniques and information that is always available in their helpdesk knowledge base and it is ongoing. So we paid for that and became members. You will not be sold on anything else disguised to make your credit repair business look more professional. You will get pending changes in the industry from them too. We found that this is a people's business and they respond to results. If you get results and professional, they will spread the word about your company. You don't need to spend a lot of money to look professional. Yes, you need a website. If you spend all of your money trying to look good with expensive offices and programs, you will NOT be able to afford to give your clients the credit repair results they seek or stay in business. This was our mistake and we had to downsize this year. Start by building up your name as one who gets results for their clients. CCA will provide all of the knowledge needed at an extremely great cost. The software will help your business grow as it has helped ours, but we changed our software recently. You better learn how to control your software and not let it control you. One more thing, if you can afford to go to the seminar, go for motivation, and see what else you can pick up. But you will need ongoing affordable sources like CCA. We will stick with CCA instead of paying for a seminar each year because it is much more affordable"

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