Improve your competitive positioning and gain business opportunities by becoming a Board Certified Credit Consultant and Certified Credit Score Consultant. These credentials are for individuals and companies who want to prove to the world that they have the skills, expertise, and proficiency to successfully deliver in the Credit Repair industry via a reputable trade association organization: Credit Consultants Association (CCA). These certifications acknowledge your expertise to your clients, and peers providing another way for you to stand out from the competition. You don’t have to pay thousands for credit repair training and certification. We include all the information needed and more in our price structure. We also provide compliance laws. It’s a self-paced training system and you can go at your own speed. Many of the top successful credit repair professionals started with our training program and it’s the most cost-effective starting point for you to be successful too. Your personal credit is NOT a factor, becoming a member and getting certified at our online Credit Repair School is the key. This program will assist you in helping yourself get back on track while you start a credit repair business. The best part, it places you in a total emphatic position with your clients. WHY PAY MORE for High-Quality Credit Repair Training? We’ve trained, attorneys, mortgages brokers, real estate agents, and others since 1986 with our yearly updated materials. No Training is better! Why are other training programs more expensive? They are actually software companies seeking to sell their products!


You will receive a real respectable certification from a non-profit trade association.
Access to our PRIVATE Online and email Credit Consultant Helpdesk with advanced tips, strategies, and on-going support to assist you with tough issues facing your clients. We are here to assist our members in serving their clients better.

Establish your credibility and proficiency in the Credit Repair Industry.

You will learn all about FICO, VANTAGE and other scoring system and become a specialist.

Strengthen and grow your business.

Be part of a network to assist you to find answers to specific problems relating to your clients.

One source to get the latest news and updates within the credit industry.

We recommend a variety of low-cost software to use in your business.
BCCC= Board Certified Credit Consultant Credentials – Main Certification

Be included in the online A-list Board Certified Credit Consultant Directory.

Discount on Credit Software, and marketing companies (special promotions)

Access to a Private Facebook Group for support and networking

Gain a competitive edge by standing out from the competition.

Receive authorization to display the Board Certified Credit Consultant logo on business cards, Web sites, and marketing and promotional materials.

Stand out, be noticed, and get the recognition you deserve

If you are a salesperson that uses another company to perform the credit repair tasks, e.g. network marketing agents, prove to your customers that you understand how the credit repair system works and vouch for the company you represent.
CCSC= Certified Credit Score Consultant Credentials – Supplemental


Become a Board Certified Credit Consultant

To earn the designation of a Board Certified Credit Consultant, you must successfully complete an online multiple-choice test that we provide based on our training. You need a computer that is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection. You have up to 80 minutes to complete the exam of 70 questions and will receive your results immediately upon completion. 75% is a passing score. You don’t need credit repair software to get started. A signed certificate of completion will arrive within 10-30 days via US mail or within 10 days to your email if you purchased the digital version.

Standard Plan

BCCC Certification Digital Version
$ 59 (Instant Downloadable & Printable)
  • Includes Board Certified Credit Consultant Credentials fee, Training materials, logos, and 12 months’ membership.
  • 12 months Membership to our trade association included.
  • You CAN print the training manuals yourself.
  • You will learn about the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), and how to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) to protect rights. Also how to be in compliance.
  • Everything included in The Standard:
  • Unlimited Online or email support and 12 Months of Access to our Private Credit Consultant's Helpdesk area of advanced strategies.
  • Name displayed in our directory
  • The Test is done online, in a multiple-choice format.
  • Digital Credit Repair Training materials, Study Guide and Audio Files (downloadable)
  • Additional Guide to Starting A Credit Repair Business manual.
  • Learn everything there is to know about operating a credit service business including all dispute letters, sample contracts, business plan, operational forms-how to deal with customers and how to apply techniques e.g. removing items according to FCRA
  • Discount on Credit Repair Software
  • Learn how to dispute and remove items from your client's credit report.
  • Credit Scores Training
  • Marketing Information/ coaching via our helpdesk Board Certified Credit Consultant (BCCC) Exam & Certification Fee included ($99)
  • 4 attempts to pass BCCC exam (included in the package)
  • Digital Certificate on all versions. Hard Copy versions are available.
  • Instant downloads and Test Exam orders are manually processed approved and sent directly to your email.
  • There are No Additional Fees.
  • You can purchase a coaching phone support plan later.
  • Normal fee $259
  • What you will learn: Course Topics
  • Special! Save Big on Digital version: $159
We have two Certifications. The Board Certified Credit Consultant (BCCC) is our standard certification program. The Certified Credit Score Consultant (CSCC) is a supplement certification. In The CSCC program, we go deeper in credit scoring concepts and it addresses more in-depth FICO information. It also specializes you in FICO. You can NOT receive our FICO certification without getting the BCCC beforehand. We recommend having both as it sets you apart when dealing with clients. Some clients, as well as sources recommending their clients to you for services, prefer that they are referring their people to a credit score specialist rather than a general credit consultant. It’s really the same thing and just semantics. However, we must provide the market the title or credentials it desires one to have. Therefore, having both certifications is best. You will also have the option of getting an additional certificate titled: “Certified Credit Repair Specialist” after passing our BCCC exam. The digital version cost for this is only $37 and our certificate department will send this custom certificate to you. The only differences between the more expensive package and the digital ones are the 1-on-1 phone support/coaching, credit software, and WordPress website.

NO. You don’t need a special software program to do this business; however, it can help you manage your business more effectively once you grow. We feel it is best to learn how to do the work manually prior to purchasing a software program. If you can afford to learn how to use a software program and how to do the work at the same time–that’s great. Please keep in mind that the software Can NOT think for you nor does it pull credit reports. You must know how to control it and not let it control you. This is why we prefer that our members learn how to do the work first.

NO. You don’t have to be certified. However, we make it our business to make the public aware of our existence and encourage them to ask a consultant whether they have any credentials, are part of an association, and will abide by rules. Therefore, you may encounter clients asking about whether or not you are certified.

You do NOT have to add an additional person at the time of your signup. You can add them later, at any time as long as you have an active membership. In addition, you can add as many individuals to your account as you like. They will get to become certified and have a membership with us as well.

It is $29 per year for the main member and $19.95 per year for each additional user.

Learning Format

Online access to materials and strategies including PDF manuals, audio, video, and supplemental credit score materials. There is a non-proctored online exam.

Internet access is required

Content can be downloaded to your mobile devices or printed. All pdf training manuals will available on the member’s dashboard after registering.

We have two systems with separate login links

Our membership dashboard area, equipped with with credit tips, creating your profile for our directory, membership upgrades, and other learning tools. The second system is our Consultant Help Desk area that is FREE for members with a full package. Consultants can submit an online ticket or email and get answers to any questions they may have or they can pay an additional nominal fee and by appointment and speak with a credit coach in 10 minute increments.

Instant Download

Once payment is made, you will be able to immediately download the manuals and to begin your studies. You can take the exam when you are ready and they are listed on the member’s dashboard, under Take Exams. The only special technology you will need is an Adobe Reader and the ability to watch YouTube videos. Adobe is installed on 98% of all computers. If needed, it is Get Adobe Reader.

Certification Exam Requirements

Passing a 75 question multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 75% or higher. Four attempts of the exam are given. Results are known immediately. For the Credit Score Exam: Passing a 50 question multiple choice, non-proctored online exam with 75% or higher. Four attempts of the exam are given. Results are known immediately.

Retest Fee

As low as $10 or $30 for four more attempts. Retest fee applies if the passing requirement is not met at the end of the four exam attempt.

Estimated Completion Time

Course and exam should be completed within one year of purchase. The average student can complete the course within 20 hours or less and some much faster depending on learning style.
If you want to use your PayPal to send payment directly or an e-check, you can use this link below. When your check clears in 3-5 days, we will process your membership and send materials. Enter the amount here and let us know what program you are paying for in the options box.

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